Comic and eBook reader for CBR and CBZ format




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GonVisor is an image viewer specially developed to be used as CBR and CBZ file viewer. Those formats are the ones commonly used for comics., magazines and e-books.

You can load CBR and CBZ files, but you can also view other common files, such as JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF or GIF. You can load full folders, so you can use it as a pefect image viewer.

GonVisor makes easy to browse your images. Choose the one you can view, zoom in and out, ove around it and focus on special details.

You'll find a side menu with many buttons and options. Save bookmarks, copy files, export them,... a good image viewer specially tthought for comic lovers.

Finally, you can even create your own CBR or CBZ album by compiling some images as a single eBook.
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